Acknowlegements of Benefactors
and other Key Supporters

Over the 30 years of this rehabilitation project, we have been fortunate that the potential of the park has been recognised in the generosity of others:
Gilli Sutton who was a frequent visitor and supporter of the park, bequeathed more than 30 sculptures from her collection in 2018. We are pleased that we have been able to install and renovate these sculptures over the past few years. Those sculptures from Gilli’s collection are acknowledged in the guide that visitors use within the park.
Shirley Whittlestone also bequeathed a large sum toward the Japanese folly in the park’s Asian section. The folly was built in 2009.
In 2010 the park produced a Tree Guide which is still used by visitors to the park. The printing of the guide was funded by Bill McArthur . Others who gave their expertise, time and energy to producing the book were:
  •  Chris Hinton and Lesley Smith who designed and produced the book
  • Derek Turnwald and John Wakeling who identified the trees
Phil Murray -- website design and maintenance
Kaz Design -- branding assets
CreateVideo -- many videos for the website and social media
Avnil Chandra of Link up Paints -- expertise and help restoring some metal sculptures
Vazey Child -- accountancy services
Lex Chalmers -- GPS mapping for carbon sequestration
Roger MacGibbon, Felicity Campbell, and Ian McKim for implementing the Asian section planting plan
Numerous artists have gifted or lent the park sculptures and plant lovers have also contributed many unusual and rare plants and trees to be enjoyed by many.