The Trust encourages visitors to experience the seasonal changes within the arboretum and to engage with its sculpture exhibitions. The park is a great place for visitors of all ages to experience the presence of art in nature and inspire creative thinking and activity.
Our Education Resource pack has been updated so that school groups can make the best of their visit to the park, ensuring that visits meet standards for curricula and competencies. The pack includes pre-visit activities, worksheets for activities at the park, and post-visit activities. It also includes a handout for the parents and caregivers who come along as chaperones.
The Sculpture Park education program provides the opportunity to:
  • Foster and discuss creative ideas
  • Respond to sculpture and the natural environment
  • Be creative with natural and renewable materials
  • Build knowledge about global and NZ biodiversity and the contribution trees and other plants make to the health of the planet
  • Learn about the rehabilitation of a derelict landscape
  • Encounter New Zealand species of birds attracted back to the site as the trees have matured
Curriculum links: Art, Science, Social Sciences, Health and Physical Education
We generate ideas to help families and schools get more out of each visit. Tap into these resources to get more fun from your next visit to the Park — please print off your activities before you arrive.
Bookings are essential for school groups.
Email: [email protected] Mobile: 0275670996
Please note that the Trust also provides:
• School Holiday Programmes
• Creative Play Workshops
• International Student Visits