Art-in-Nature Arboretum Trust

Art in Nature Trust Board

(Left to right: Initial Trust Board: Dorothy Wakeling (seated), Rob Graham, John Wakeling (seated), Felicity Campbell, Ian McKim, Simon Reynolds)

Vision of Trust

To see the park used to its full potential by the community and recognized as a regional resource of botanical, cultural and recreational significance. The art-in-nature experience invites generations in a family to come out together, groups of friends to share a walk, and children to be outdoors on a creative adventure.

Purpose of the Charitable Trust

  1. Management of the tree collection for carbon sequestration and global biodiversity
  2. Curation of the sculpture collection
  3. Ongoing rehabilitation and management of the formerly derelict quarry site
  4. Accessible, safe, and welcoming recreational space
  5. Provision of creative resources and space for art-in-nature education
  6. Recognition that the park’s long-term protection ultimately relies on a sound business proposition
Trust Board
Rob Graham (chair)
Ian McKim (Treasurer)
Dorothy Wakeling (Secretary)
David McKie (Business Relationship Liason)
John Wakeling (Arboretum curator)
Mike Keir (Waikato District Council)
Michelle Caldwell (Tourism & Marketing)


Charities Commission Number: CC58616

Direct partnerships are key to securing the future of the park --- local authority and corporate backing, volunteers, donations, pro-bono professional contributions and a quality Board of Trustees. The park needs to increase its income to cover the cost of maintenance - entry fees contribute to maintenance costs but currently are not enough, especially with the loss of international tourists. The ‘Share the Park’ campaign, initiated in 2018, drew attention to securing the park’s future with partnerships. Presentations were made to the regional council and four territorial authorities for their long-term plan hearings.