SUMMER: Utopia into Dystopia

01 Dec — 17 Mar 13

Curated by Claire Ulenberg

  • Lang Ea


    Polystyrene with concrete base

    White polystyrene with concrete base – 16 sculptures in totalIs New Zealand a Utopia place? most of us cannot imagine our country being a target, a...

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  • Nick Coldicutt

    It hurts to Lye (once and twice); Untitled #1, #2, #3

    recycled rimu; polyester

    “I find that sculpting is a great way to document how all these different elements are or have effected me and others in the past and present.”

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  • Lisa Radford and Sam George

    Google Flag

    Fabric, flag pole

    The flag flying over the quarry is printed with the words from many emails sent between Sam and Lisa during the development of a previous project, ...

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  • Mark Graver

    Forty four sounds; Impression

    Magnetic text panels; HD video

    Please follow the linkForty Four Sounds is a text based, sound collage, film work. The text was arrived at througha random selection of previously ...

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  • Sam Hamilton

    Three Trees Dress up for Halloween; Can't see the Forest for the Guitar

    White sheets; electric guitar

    Electric GuitarA memorial song sculpture for the tropical hardwood species Swietenia spp and Dalbergia Nigra and all those others who suffer our sh...

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  • Gaye Jurisich

    Sway; Ladder

    Cord; flax and no 8 wire

    Sway is suspended above the lake creating a fragile, open, bridge like structure across the water. It reflects subtly on the water below. The wind ...

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  • Andy MacV

    Just another morning song

    Resin, bird cage

    The phrase 'living like a canary in a coal mine' serves as a metaphor for future concerns, as miners used to take a caged canary with them down min...

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  • Charles Ninow

    Municipal Bonds

    Electroplated steel

    Municipal Bonds uses the language of hard wearing public architecture to promote a discussion about shared space.

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  • Sacha Nunn

    Fukushima in an Ocean of Complacency

    Recycled materials, fishing equipment, nylon rope, rubber and plastic floats, steel frame

    Recycled materials, fishing equipment nylon rope, rubber and plastic floats, galvanized steel frame Our lives are entwined currents on the Pacifi...

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  • Charlotte Parallel


    found objects, lots of tinfoil

    Plastipedia is a work of accumulated floating plastic islands. It is a direct reference to the plastic trash islands known as the Great Pacific Gar...

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  • Jo Pervan



    "Faces" can be made on request, please enquire at [email protected]  FacesClay BalanceHinuera Stone & stainless steel pinned H...

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  • Jo Pervan

    Flow; balance; Hooked; Boat Bowl; Spiral Vessel

    Hinuera Stone

    A fascination with people, contrast, shadow and form is evident in the smooth simple lines Jo Pervan strives for. HookedHinuera Stone (+ wood &am...

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  • Lou Pendergrast-Mathieson and Aja Pendergrast

    Birds of a feather

    Crystal cast glass

    Bird control techniques only work if the birds are interested. The plastic ‘dummy’ owls strategically placed in the trees of Hurstmere Road, Takapu...

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  • Jocelyn Pratt

    Mangrove Ripples; Molten Passion

    Maratoto andesite; Taupo scoria

    Molten Passion is also seen as symbolic of the Heart of Stone. Sculpted out of volcanic stone that retains heat from the sun and challenges the int...

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  • Helen Reynolds

    White Cloud/ Black Mist

    Polystyrene, wood, assorted rubbish, fishing line

    Utopia: unattainable (clouds in the sky, soft palaces of pillows) (new products in shiny packaging) Dystopia: brought to earth a cloud becomes mis...

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  • Donna Sarten

    Attitudinal Change

    Cell phones and cord

    Currently 152,800 care and protection notifications are made to Child, Youth and Family, each year. 418 calls are made each day, and these service...

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  • The Band: Barak Yahav, Lilach Paul, Koro Puhipuhi


    Oamaru stone with copper inlay

    This sculpture piece was created by THE BAND - a group of three artists: BarakYahav (Israel), Lilach Paul (Israel) and Koro Puhipuhi (Maori), throu...

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  • Elaine Barry Conway

    Icy Beauty overturned

    Inkjet print on pvc vinyl, stretched on timber frame

    The world is in an increasingly dire situation with industry and deforestation adding to the melting of the diminishing icecaps. Our Antarctic safe...

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  • Billadonna

    Billadonna's Wunderkammer

    wire; earth pigment

    No matter how tight you pack and label your little boxes, there is still space for magicand THE WORLD STILL DOESN’T MAKE MUCH MORE SENSE

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  • Phil Bonham


    Clay, steel, epoxy

    A small twig inspired the form of this sculpture. Twig feels an existential relationship to the pattern, textures, and forms of the hood...happily ...

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  • Stuart Bridson

    Post industrial imaginary forest

    metal, wood, rubber, car paint, wheels- all recycled

    The vision of fields of cars, metal and plastic, leftovers from the industrial age, the once utopic dream. These massive forests of rusting steel b...

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  • Christine Cathie

    Pohutukawa leaves

    Cast glass

    New botanical species are still being discovered – recently a giant variety of the pohutukawa tree (metrosideros excelsa magnus) was found near a g...

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  • Chris Charteris

    Harmony and Chaos


    In this work the stone is treated as a canvas, using a diamond blade on an angle grinder as paint brush. The lines are spontaneous and quickly cut ...

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  • Leah Fraser Henderson

    Tangata Whenua

    Stainless steel

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  • Jan Gosling

    State of Mind

    Oamaru stone

    Our State of mind is a fragile and beautiful thing which can be destroyed by our own failings – slowly disintegrating making something that has the...

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  • Brad Lay


    Steel, rope, resin

    My work often starts with the ocean, as it is something that I find to be rich in material potential, and somewhat conceptually challenging. I find...

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  • Faith Tavernor

    Fractured Reality; Spatial Dislocation

    Mirrored and black acrylic

    Fractured Reality and Spatial Dislocation are both created for viewerto explore and enjoy a spatially challenging visual adventure where movement, ...

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  • Robyn Webster

    Out of the Past comes the Future

    bronze wire, mono filament, fibre optic filament

    From a small distance this work disappears due to its fineness; this embodies its demand for interaction of a personal nature. Behind the work are ...

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