Call for proposals

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Stories in the Landscape 2021
Call for Expressions of Interest

12th November 2021- 27th February 2022

The Art-in-Nature Arboretum Trust invites expressions of interest to take part in its next sculpture exhibition.

This will be the 24th exhibition, held within the Sculpture Park at Waitakaruru Arboretum .

Sculptures for this exhibition will be selected with the Trust’s panel of former curators and judges who know the park well.

Call for Expressions of Interest: 9th April – 1st October 2021
Selection:  extended to 22nd October
Offers to artists: extended to 28th October
Placement: week of 1st – 6th November 2021
Preparation of Catalogue: 6th – 10th November 2021
Opening evening: Friday, 12th November 2021

The park offers a setting unique for every story the artist tells. There is an opportunity for the artist to harness the diversity of the site and to anticipate a setting suited to the story told in many locations along the main 2km art-in-nature trail.

The sculpture or installations relationship to landscape could be from a geological, environmental, botanical, cultural, or historic perspective. There are numerous features of the park that can inspire ideas for artists to develop. The inspiration can come from other NZ landscapes.

The sculpture park is a former quarry which:
• features exposed rock and cliffs
• includes many ponds reflecting features in and beside them
• borders the Confiscation Line of land taken from Tainui in the 1860’s -- still highly visible in the landscape,
• is now an arboretum with thousands of trees, many mature enough for hanging installations
• has firm, stable roads which enable installation of large sculptural work

The Trust wants to encourage emerging artists to develop their practice and research methods
1. by recognising the context of where their finished work can be placed in a landscape
2. by developing their stories to include the origin of the materials they use – the rock they carve from, the metal they weld together, or the clay they construct from
3. by relating the cultural history of their work
The exhibition will enrich the experience of the audience—as artists will be sharing their stories with diverse visitors to the park over the months of the exhibition.

So how can do we want to convey interpretations to a diverse audience? We are going to create a video which can feature some artists talking about their work.

1. Advertising has already commenced with posters, invitations, and newsletters.
2. The sculptures will be for sale. The commission of 35% for sculptures sold goes towards maintenance of the arboretum & gardens.
3. A catalogue of sculptures will be available for all visitors; visitors spend around 2 hours walking around the grounds. The park attracts people of a wide age range and groups with interests in art, environment, and gardens from all over NZ and overseas visitors. Recent and future publicity will continue to ensure that visitor numbers increase.
4. Arrangements can be made to assist the placement of sculpture with muscle, boat, crane or tractor. We endeavour to provide a space that suits your work and is the focal point of a particular view. While you will be consulted about the placement of your sculptures, the final decision is the organizers’.
5. Last Date for Delivery: Saturday, 6th November 2021. Bringing your sculpture earlier that week will be ideal. This is necessary for the printing of the catalogue -- later deliveries are an inconvenience.
6. Insurance for the work is the artist’s responsibility. The location is secure (the gates are locked at night and we now have a security camera); someone is always on site.
Please contact John or Dorothy Wakeling, for further information. Phone 0275670996 or email [email protected]

Note: The Art-in-Nature Arboretum Trust that now runs the park is a registered charity CC58616. The Trust will receive all proceeds from entry to the park and commission from sculpture sales.