0— The Vessel ($250)
Faith Thomas



This unframed edition of 25 of Faith Thomas "The Vessel" is available by order only- it won't be in the auction or on site.

Initially I chose to draw in the Rock Garden, attracted by the curvilinear shapes of the agaves and their intensely dark shadows which I envisioned working well in the mezzotint medium.
I wanted to incorporate sculptural images into the work and by the afternoon I was drawing Doug Neil’s “Celestial Canoes” a work I come back to time and time again. The Timaru Bluestone surfaces are seductive and brought to mind tapa cloth imagery I have worked with in the past.
My works honour Doug’s sculpture and moves beyond into relationships with the land at Waitakaruru Sculpture Park, nature and cultural symbolism. The flow of shapes calls to mind time, past, present and future and the fleeting transient relationship we have with the land and what we leave behind.