40— Summertime, Dry Land and Down the Drive ($400 each)
Pam Watson


Mixed media

My paintings are usually a personal response to the Waikato landscape. Certain places haunt me until I paint them. The weather, time of day, cultural objects, images from well-known paintings – all become symbols and signs that add layers of meaning. Obsessive layering of paint or dry marks and washes reflect the growing intensity of feeling that comes as I work. I have recently been drawn to interior spaces in the same way.
As a child I was fascinated by paintings. My aunt was a professional painter and my grandfather an ardent amateur. Their transformation into paint of scenes I lived amongst was at once mystery and magic. I was 30 when I first lifted a paint brush in earnest - and was hooked for life. I have been a teacher of painting in Hamilton and the Waikato for 25 years and have attempted to pass on my passion for painting to my students.
I agree with Henry James: “It is art that makes life…. I know of no substitute for the force and beauty of its process”
Pam Watson has been painting, and teaching community art classes in the Waikato for the last thirty years. She prefers moody landscapes and Interiors as subjects for paintings and at present works mainly in Acrylic with drawing media. Pam is a member of Artnexus.